Almost Human

Why is it important to help out animals?


Animals play a significant role in people’s lives. Having pets increases physical activity of their owners. It is proven that having a pet reduces the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease. In fact, households with pets are 40% less likely to get a stroke or heart attack than those without pets! Also, working with animals relieves stress, and pet owners develop a sense of empathy due to the emotional responsibility of caring for a pet. Many animals are used for therapeutic reasons, thus playing a significant role in the health of the people they assist.


What are we going to do to help them out?


Shelters are full of animals that need homes. However, shelters are unable provide adequate facilities to so many of our furry friends. That's where we come in. Our goal is to carry out multiple projects to help out local animal shelters, changing the lives of these furry creatures!


What projects are we going to do?


The Heart To Heart Organization is going to fundraise to benefit our local animal shelters. This includes coin drives, selling handmade greeting cards, and collecting blankets for shelters to put on the floor of crates to make the animals more comfortable. Since many of our furry friends are in shelters, and some have accidents frequently, they can never have too many blankets! Also, we will do a supply drive for the animals by collecting items such as old leashes, collars, food and water bowls, and sealed pet food and treats.





Please support us by volunteering at our events and/or with a donation.

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