Promoting Heart Health


Through various fundraising programs, we hope to raise awareness about heart health and improve the overall quality of life of those around us in the community. 




Twitter Health Campaign

(Starting June)


Each week we will issue a challenge via the Heart2Heart twitter account, encouraging followers to make positive changes in their lives. Challenges range from taking a 10 minute walk every day for a week to giving up red meat for a week. By encouraging healthy practices, followers will learn how easy it is to lead healthier and happier lives. 

The twitter account will also be regularly updated with all the latest news on heart disease and treaments and will share healthy recipes and activities to encourage its followers to become heart healthy.


Event Booths

(July 2015)


In order to raise awareness, Heart2Heart will organize booths at the social and other events including KHNA Convention. We will sell small snacks and souveneirs and introduce healthy habbits and awareness to live better. In addition, we will also distribute Heart2Heart moment informational slips that describe exercises and easy ways to change your habits to become healthier.


Free Health Clinic

(Octiber 24th, 2015)


In conjunction with the Sri Ganesha Temple, Heart2Heart hosted a free health clinic, which provided medical services, such as physician consultations, physical therapy, EKG, and blood work, to those who otherwise have limited access. We were able to support the local community and offer medical attention to many people in the DFW area. In addition, we hosted a blood drive from Carter Blood Care. After the health clinic, we invited the eminent cardiologist, Dr. CK Nair to speak about health and heart disease. The first of many, the Heart2Heart health clinic was a tremendous success.


3 vs 3 Basketball Tournament

(Mid December 2015)


By organizing a basketball tournament, we hope to encourage kids below the age of 18 to be healthy and exercise regularly. However, exercise doesn't have to be boring; getting together with friends and playing a sport, like basketball, is the perfect way to become fit and have fun doing it. We will charge participants $5 each to compete and accept sixteen teams to partake in the sixteen round tribute to healthy living.


H2O "5K for Heart" Fun Run

(Mid March 2016)


Running is considered the best form of exercise by many professionals. It burns fat, develops muscle, and, when surrounded by your freinds and family, is a lot of fun. The 5k Fun Run will encourage people to be active and pursue healthy choices throughout life. We will charge $10 for each runner and encourage runners to collect pledges from friends and family in order to motivate them further and allow the participants to be a major part of the fundraising events.

Please support us by volunteering at our events and/or with a donation.

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