Molding Minds

Why Education?

In 2011, nearly 46.2 million Americans were living in poverty, and more than 30 million children are growing up in poverty. Children living in poverty tend to skip class or leave school altogether, due to the likeliness that they have to work and provide for their family members. Less than 30% of students in the bottom quarter of incomes enroll in a 4 year school. Among that group, less than half go on to graduate. Worldwide, there are over 121 million children out of education. Providing resources for these children to get educated paves the road to pull them out of poverty and is the only way to ensure a successful future and stable income. The Heart2Heart Organization strives to promote education not only in local communities, but in international impoverished communities as well. Global education is the first step in the plan for a healthier future.


Steps Towards a Brighter Tomorrow


India today faces a unique crisis. While its economy grows and flourishes, millions of people are being left behind without access to the same standards of education and opportunity as the more fortunate. Today, over 75% of India’s population lives on less than $2 per day. 1 in 9 people in the world live in an Indian village.

The gap between the rich and the poor will continue to grow

unless something is done about it. 

The Heart2Heart Organization is partnering with a nonprofit childrens' organization in India called Shanti Bhavan in their mission to adequately develop the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children of India’s “lowest caste” by providing them world class education and instilling globally shared values to enable them to aspire to careers and professions of their choice.


How Can I Help?


In order to fiscally aid those in need, The Heart2Heart Organization will carry out several fundraisers. These will range from bake sales to craft sales to 5k Walk-A-Thons

Please support us by volunteering at our events and/or with a donation.

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